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Renting a Europe Holiday Lettings.

If you have a question about a property advertised on our website, please contact the owner or manager directly. You will find their details on the home's advert page. Searching and booking a Europe Holiday Lettings, how to rent safely, security deposits and giving feedback after your stay are all covered in this section of our website. They will help you through the process and ensure that you have a great holiday.

Search the Most Perfect Lettings of your Choice through our Categorized filtration:
  • You can search holiday accommodations using the search pages and filling in your requirements :
    • Search by location - Choose country, region or town where you want to spend holiday. If you can't find where you're looking for on our scroll down lists, try putting your desired destination into the 'search Box' at the Right top of the website. This is also a great way of finding a particular destination.
    • Search by dates - Choose the date of arrival and departure to improve the search results and you will find suitable accommodation that is available at the right time.
    • Search by number of guests - Just two of you travelling or a big group of friends? Select the group size to find a that will have the right number of beds for you.
    • Search by number of beds - Choose a suitable that fits your requirement by number of sleeps in it.
      • If the search gives no result then our website will give you more options moreover it will recommend substitutes. Do thorough spells check or make your search broader.
      • If you get countless results in return you can use the filters on the left hand side of the search results pages to refine your search. When you are looking at a list of suitable properties in your search results you can also order it by number of guests, beds and location.
      • We recommend that you identify 5-10 properties and send an enquiry to all owners in case your first choice is not available. The owners will respond to you directly and will let you know the availability, required deposit and final payment dates as well as all the arrival and departure arrangements. Don't forget to ask for a booking contract (if applicable) from the owner when you make your booking.

      If the owner displays a phone number you can also call him. Ensure that you include your phone number so the owner can call you back because sometimes that's more convenient and immediate.

      Booking a Europe Holiday Lettings Safely :

      With Europe Holiday Lettings you can book your holiday directly with the owner or the manager who is managing a home on behalf of an owner. Plenty of people use our website every year to find holiday homes at thousands of destinations worldwide.

      We perform a series of vigorous checks on everyone that advertises with us to ensure they offer real and fair deals. We examine people not properties and it's very rare that something goes wrong. However, it's still worth doing a few checks yourself to make sure your vacation goes without any hitches.

      Call the owner or manager :

      We recommend that you always speak to the owner over the phone before making a booking. You will find their number on the advert, or send an email and they should be glad to assist you.

      Check the details of the home :

      Watch out for any inconsistencies. Check the home's full address on Google maps and ensure that vacation dates you've booked are marked off on their calendar. Read reviews posted for the advert and search owner's name or other websites they're mentioned on over internet.

      Advertising time on the website :

      All adverts state when the owner joined our website. The longer a home has been advertised with us, the more people have probably booked without experiencing any problems.

      Sign a booking contract :

      You should be asked to sign a booking contract with details of terms and conditions for renting the , its payment and cancellation policies. If you don't, ask for it (we will provide sample contracts for owners).

      Collect their full contact details :

      Make a note of their full name, phone numbers (landline and mobiles) and their own address, plus their trading address if they're a manager. Check that they will be contactable on these numbers whilst you're on vacation in case you need to get in touch then.

      Don't settle the full bill too early :

      You shouldn't be asked to pay the security deposit (usually up to 25% of the total booking) and settle the full cost of the letting until around eight weeks before your holiday. If have been asked to settle the bill earlier than eight weeks, please email us at info@europeholidaylettings.com and we'll investigate the matter for you.

      Check your insurance :

      Insurance doesn't always protect you if something goes wrong with accommodation or flights that are booked independently, e.g. if the airline goes out of business or the accommodation doesn't meet your requirements. Check the small print or look for an insurer that covers you against such things.

      Save your correspondence :
      • Keep a record of all of your correspondence with the owner or manager so that you can refer back to it at any time.
      • If you receive any unusual requests from a owner or manager or in case you notice something suspicious and decide not to book that vacation home, it is very important that you inform us as soon as possible with your reasons for this. Please contact us via email at info@europeholidaylettings.com and we will look into it immediately.
      • It's worth noting that we do not own, manage or inspect any of the properties listed and cannot verify any of the advert details. We make no warranties or representations as to the accuracy, completeness, legality, performance or suitability of the adverts. We accept no liability arising from reliance upon this information made by any user of the website. You should conduct your own research and familiarize yourself with our terms and conditions.
      Enquiring about a Property
      • Fill in the contact form at advert page and ask the owner directly. Give your email address and a phone number if possible so they can contact you instantly. Most owners also display a phone number in the ‘Contact details’ box. It’s a good idea to chat with them in person so don’t hesitate to call them – please ensure you note any time differences though as an American may not wish to hear from you at 3am their time!
      • If a owner has not replied to your email within three to five days then look for a phone number in the ‘Contact details’ box on their advert page and try calling them. It is also worth checking that the email address which you supplied to them was correct and send a second message if it was not. Check the junk folder of your email too – just in case something has got caught in there. If you still get no response, we would then suggest looking for other properties on the website.
      Unable to contact a owner
      • Whether you have booked or are simply enquiring about a , you have to give some time to the owner to send a reply or contact you. We advise to give the owners at least 5 working days or a calendar week to answer your query.
      • Europe Holiday Lettings owners generally operate letting of their in addition to their usual day job and family lives, and as such you will need to allow them some extra time to get back to you. So when you try to call a owner or send him an email he may not be able to answer your call during the day if he is at work, or may take a few extra days to answer your email if he is away on holidays. Make sure you call them keeping time differences in mind, so that you don’t wake them in the middle of the night. It is also worth checking that the email address which you supplied to them is correct. It is also worth checking the junk folder of your email in case something has got caught in there. If you still get no response, we would then suggest looking for other properties on the website.
      • If you want to get more specific information before you travel, we would advise you to contact the owner with plenty of time before your travel dates to be able to get all the required information. You can find the owners contact information at the advert page in the ‘contact details' box, or send an email directly through the enquiry form.
      • On the website of Europe Holiday Lettings, we generally post limited contact details that you need to contact a owner or manager. We cannot give you personal details of an account or person due to data protection, therefore we would advise you to request full contact details of the owner at the time of booking the .
      Retrieving your security deposit
      • Read the booking contract carefully for any present or future references, the contract should define a duration in which security deposits will be returned. If that period has expired or you are unsure as to when you can expect to get the security deposit, contact the advertiser directly.
      • If for any reason the advertiser will not release your security deposit or if he/she will keep some part of it, he/she will provide photographic evidence of the damages you with a copy of the bill for repair or replacement of the damaged item(s).
      • Europe Holiday Lettings is not in any way involved in the deposit process, it means that you have to contact the advertiser directly with any questions over the return of your security deposit. If you have problems securing the return of your deposit via the advertiser, we would advise you to seek further assistance.
      Contacting someone about your Holiday
      • If you have questions about your vacation let before, during or after your Holiday? Please contact the owner of the you have booked to stay in.
      • You can send them a message by sending an enquiry through the contact form at the bottom of the advert. Most of our owners provide a phone number in this section. We suggest you try to call them too, just in case they're away on vacation or unable to read their emails.
      • If you've already contacted the owner, ask for any other phone numbers of email addresses they may be using. Unfortunately we're unable to help with any queries about individual properties as we don't own or manage any of the lets on the website.
      About the Europe Holiday Lettings website

      Europe Holiday Lettings is the world's one of the growing holiday Rental site, helps holiday seekers to plan and book their perfect destination. We are your one platform to meet all your travel needs, be it holiday rental, Flight,Hotels or Car Rentals. Provide accommodations worldwide and make it easy to find the best Holiday stay in the destination of your choice. Choose specific Destinations, or browse our all adverts in a desired location. Or if you are not sure where to go, you can search with our different Categorized Facilities or Contact our Trip Experts.

      Europe Holiday Lettings offers trusted advice from travelers and a wide variety of travel choices and planning features with seamless links to search tools that check millions of lettings to find the best deal for you in your budget of your choice.

      Europe Holiday Lettings make up one of the growing travel community in the world, Each Day, thousands of people use Europe Holiday Lettings to find suitable holiday rentals, list their own holiday homes and help other travellers by adding reviews about their rental experiences. It works.

      Checking availability

      Most of the adverts have an Availability Calendar that displays ’s availability. In order to view the calendar, scroll down and see the calendar’s section at the middle of the advert. Any dates marked in grey are available, those in red are booked. You can also check if a is booked during the morning time or evening time. It is always good to check the calendar before contacting the owner if your dates are limited and you didn't specify dates in your original search. It also helps the owner if you include your dates when you send your enquiry.

      Unable to find a particular advert

      As an advertising service we remove adverts from the website for a number of reasons. Most often this will be at the owner's request because the is fully booked, or because they have decided that they will not rent it out beyond the present season. We may also remove adverts whilst we await an overdue subscription payment for the advertising. If you cannot find the you have booked on the website, we would advise you contact the owner directly and they should be able to reassure you as to why the advert has been removed.

      Finding more about the area and location of the accommodation
      • On the map you will be able to see the actual location of every (indicated by a house symbol). You will also be able to see local attractions (indicated by a star symbol) and local restaurants (indicated by the cutlery symbol). You can switch the icons on or off by clicking on the tick box which are to the left of the map.
      • In order to see the reviews, rating or address of an attraction or restaurant, you can click on the consequent symbol and a small pop up window will appear. You will get more information by clicking on the name which is in blue underlined text.
      Making a booking

      The great thing about our website is that you book homes directly with the owner. When you see a you are interested in or put several onto your list, you can email the owners directly. Fill in the contact form at the bottom of the advert and wherever possible give details about your preferred dates, group size and special requirements, and alternative contact phone number or e-mail. From then on you can correspond directly with them. We do not intervene in the booking procedure. It's a personal and flexible way of finding the best for your holiday!

      Paying for your booking
      • Once you have agreed dates, prices and answered all your questions you confirm the booking with the owner.
      • We always encourage all owners to follow the standard procedure of sending a booking contract with the agreed dates and price to renters. Renters can pay the booking or security deposited (if applicable) after they sign the contract. Required booking details vary from owner to owner however most will ask for the booking deposit to confirm the booking with the balance of payment to follow closer to the vacation. You may also be asked for a refundable security deposit to cover any breakages or damages.
      • Europe Holiday Lettings does not intervene in the payment or booking procedures. Once you are in touch with a owner you should agree the booking and rental conditions between you.
      Security deposits
      • We suggest all owners to ask for a security deposit with every booking as this is the simplest way to cover unexpected costs that they may incur as a result of your stay. If you lose keys, or if you accidentally break a lamp or garden chair, the easy solution is for the owner to use the security deposit to cover this expense and refund the rest of the security deposit to you as appropriate. Details of the security deposit (payment, conditions and refund) should be laid out in the booking contract.
      • You should expect to be asked for a booking deposit (to secure your booking), a security deposit (as above) and a final payment (usually about 8 weeks prior to the holiday starting).
      Protecting your vacation
      • You should be aware that you are not automatically protected against loss of expenditure when booking flights and accommodation independently should, for example, your airline goes out of business or your accommodation not meets your requirements.
      • As www.europeholidaylettings.com is an advertising portal and not an agent engaged in the vacation transaction, it is not a member of any travel organizations and therefore offers no protection against the holiday rental booking you make.
      • We advise you to read the small print of your travel insurance policy carefully or find an insurance provider that will cover you against such occurrences. Moreover please ensure that you get a booking contract for the Holiday rental so you will know about your rights and those of the person advertising .
      Cancelling a booking

      If you have to cancel your holiday for any reason, please contact the owner directly. As this is the person with whom you made the booking. Europe Holiday Lettings does not take part in the booking process; the cancellation has to be negotiated between you and the owner. When making your booking you should insist on a booking contract that specifies what will happen in the case of a cancellation.

      Getting to the and booking arrangements
      • Speak to the owner as they usually are the best person to give you all the travel advice you need, from low cost airfares to driving directions.
      • The booking is made directly with the owner; all arrangements for directions and key exchange are handled directly between you and the owner/manager. Contact them directly by phone or email to clarify arrangements if they are at all unclear.
      Review scores

      We highly recommend you to read the reviews for the that you search on our website. When choosing the right Vacation rental , it is always a good idea to see whether the advert has positive reviews by visitors. It will give you an indication if it is the right for you to book. The overall Europe Holiday Lettings traveler rating is a pure average of all of the reviews shown on the advert.

      Giving feedback about your stay

      If you want to give your feedback about the stay at a home, leave a review on the advert. Leaving a review is a great way of sharing your experience with other travelers.

      Leave a review for a home on our website by clicking on the tab ‘Write a Review’ at the bottom of its advert. More details about reviews are listed below.

      Problem with your accomodation

      If you experience any problem after you arrive at the then please contact the owner/manager immediately. Some owners provide a phone number for their local contact or a manager to their guests so they can call in case of problems. Advise an owner of any problems you have as soon as you can to enable them to resolve the issue for you.

      Complaint about your stay
      • If you experience a problem with the or your Hoiiday experience failed to meet your expectations, contact the owner immediately. The sooner you raise your concerns the sooner they can be resolved. Do not leave it until you get home unless you absolutely cannot contact the owner. We would advise you to refer to your booking contract as guidance which should outline all the terms and conditions of the booking.
      • As an advertising website we do not take part in the booking process. Europe Holiday Lettings cannot get involved in matters that occurred during your stay. We ask owners and holidaymakers to correspond directly with each other in order to come to a resolution.
      About reviews
      • You can rate and review a Holiday rental that you've stayed in to share your experience with other travelers. It's also a good way of telling the owner whether you enjoyed your stay and any improvements they can make.
      • Your review will appear on the home's advert on our website. Many of our adverts are also listed on the Europe Holiday Lettings network. If you review a home that is on the network, it will also appear on the listing on Europe Holiday Lettings Network.
      • Our reviews are powered by Europe Holiday Lettings.They will check and approve any review that you post.
      Posting a review

      You can leave a review for any home advertised on Europe Holiday Lettings that you have stayed in, whether you're the person who booked the home with the owner or one of the other guests in the party.Sometimes, a owner might ask you to write a review of their by sending you an email containing a link to their advert. You can simply click on the link from the email to go ahead and write the review. You can also write a review by seeking out the advert yourself, either by its location or 'home number'. If you no longer have the home number to hand, check the email we would have sent you after you made your enquiry about that home through Europe Holiday Lettings You could even ask the owner directly to provide their home number if you still have their contact details. Once you've found the correct advert, click on 'write a review' at the top of the page. You'll then be taken to the review form (on Europe Holiday Lettings) for that home at which point you will need to :

      • Complete all of the selections marked with a red asterisk and click on submit
      • If you're not already a Europe Holiday Lettings member, you will be asked to join so that Europe Holiday Lettings can contact you if necessary
      • You should then receive an email acknowledgement from Europe Holiday Lettings so you know that your review was submitted correctly

      Your review won't go live immediately. Europe Holiday Lettings needs to check the reviews to make sure they meet the posting guidelines which can take a few weeks. The owner of the home will also need to first confirm that you stayed at the . You can check the progress of your review by visiting the Help Centre on Europe Holiday Lettings and logging in with the details you gave at the time of writing the review.

      Rejected reviews

      Reviews can get rejected due to two reasons:

      • The owner denied your stay at their home. If you did stay there, you will have an opportunity to resubmit it. You will get an email from Europe Holiday Lettings about this.
      • Your review was rejected by Europe Holiday Lettings because it didn't meet their guidelines. You may get an email explaining why it was rejected and you can rewrite and resubmit the review.

      Europe Holiday Lettings checks every review and every response to a review that is posted.

      We will not approve a review if it :
      • Contains personal information such as phone numbers and email addresses
      • Uses profanity, threats, accusations or insults
      • Advertises or includes a commercial URL

      See Europe Holiday Lettings review guidelines for more details. You can also contact Europe Holiday Lettings directly by visiting the Help Centre using the log in details you provided at the time when you submitted the review.

      Responses to your review
      • The owner has the opportunity to leave a response to any review they receive on their advert.
      • They may want to do this to say thank you or to explain any issues that were raised.
      Editing live reviews

      It is not possible to edit a review which has already gone live. If you want to make an alteration to your review, you would need to contact Europe Holiday Lettings directly via the Help Centre using the log in details you provided when you submitted the review. You can ask for the review to be removed so that you can resubmit a new one.

      Leaving multiple reviews
      • You cannot post more than one review the same Holiday so write your review carefully before you submit it. However you can post a new review if you have spent another Vacation in it. You will be able to post a new review as soon as your Holiday will be over and you will be home.
      • Other guests such as family members or friends, who stayed in the home with you, can also write a review as they may have a different opinion about the house or services.
      Leaving an anonymous review
      • You will have to provide your name so that the owner can confirm that you genuinely stayed at their home. They won't be able to see your review at this point – they will only have your name and your date of stay.
      • If any owner doesn't have your name, they are can to deny or reject your review. This will slow down the process and could mean that your review will never be posted.
      I cannot see the reviews on an advert

      • If you cannot see the reviews on an advert this is probably because you do not have JavaScript active on your computer.
      • In order to turn on JavaScript you need to follow instructions based on what type of browser you are using. Here are instructions for Internet Explorer and Firefox.
      • Select Internet Options on the Tools menu of Internet Explorer and Click on the Security tab. Please ensure that the Internet globe icon is highlighted. Click on the Custom Level button to bring up the security options for the internet browser. Search through the menu for the Active scripting option. Make sure Enable is selected. Click the OK button.
      • Select Options from the Tools menu of Mozilla Firefox (Windows). Click on the Content tab and check the Enable JavaScript option. Click OK to close this window.
      • Firefox (Mac) Choose Preferences under menu bar. Select the Content tab and check the Enable JavaScript option. Close this window.
      • You will be able to see button after you refresh the page.

      Overall score

      The overall rating for an advert (displayed at the top of the advert 'home page') is a pure average of the scores from the guest’s reviews.

      After receiving a Quote
      • Complete all of the selections marked with a red asterisk and click on submit Arrival date
      • Complete all of the selections marked with a red asterisk and click on submit Departure date
      • Complete all of the selections marked with a red asterisk and click on submit Number of nights
      • Complete all of the selections marked with a red asterisk and click on submit Number of guests
      • Complete all of the selections marked with a red asterisk and click on submit Rental cost
      • Complete all of the selections marked with a red asterisk and click on submit Additional costs that might apply such as cleaning or pet fees
      • Complete all of the selections marked with a red asterisk and click on submit Damage deposit cost
      • Complete all of the selections marked with a red asterisk and click on submit VAT or sales tax (if applicable)
      • Complete all of the selections marked with a red asterisk and click on submit Total cost
      • Complete all of the selections marked with a red asterisk and click on submit The payment terms – whether you need to make one single payment or a deposit followed by a balance
      • Complete all of the selections marked with a red asterisk and click on submit The cancellation policy
      • Complete all of the selections marked with a red asterisk and click on submit There will also be a link to PayPal for them to pay for the booking,

      Check that you're happy that all of these details are correct, paying careful attention to the booking contract and cancellation policy. When you're ready, click on 'Pay now'. You'll be directed to the secure payment page to see a recap of your booking before making a payment. If you have any questions about your quote, you can contact the owner directly by return email, or using the telephone number on their advert (if displayed).

      What if the Quote is incorrect?

      If you have any questions about the quote, contact the owner directly by clicking on the link: 'Problems? Contact owner'. You could also reply by return email. In addition, if they display a telephone number on their advert, you could contact them by phone.


      Interested Renters will contact you by Phone or email. Your email will not be publish on the listing page but the renter can simply fill in the contact form and you will get an email with an INQUIRY with all Guest information and required dates.
      NO. We are a holiday rental website and we ensure you to generate maximum profit with each reservations. We make a direct contact between property owners and Guest. Renters would pay you the net rates directly.
      We runs Search Engine Marketing Campaigns and have a set of dedicated team taking care of the promotions & exposure for every listing . We promote our website with the most competitive search terms of this industry. The money which our owners pay us is used wisely towards Paid marketing tools on major search engines to get more traffic.
      NO. We will email you or call you one month prior of due month to discuss about the Bookings of your listing with our website and you will be the one to make a decision at that time to continue with us or not. We do not charge automatically once your current subscription is over, It will automatically gets Canceled.
      YES. You will get the link of personal website which helps the travellers to get explore additional information of your property.
      Please give us a call at +44 (0)1618186722 or email your account representative, we will upload and create the listing on your behalf.
      You can Add UNLIMITED PHOTOS & TEXT.
      We have a user friendly owner section. You may create an account choosing your user name, password and other details and simply register. Login with your credentials and Add or Edit any detail related to your listing anytime.
      Simply login to your account and go to "My Profile" section. You can update your Password, Email, Phone number and other details. Simply SAVE the changes and it is done.
      YES. We appoint you an Account Representative who will assist you in listing creation process and he/she will work with you for complete subscription period for any changes and modifications you need on your listing.
      Although, we keep track of IP addresses of the systems from where the inquiries are coming but as an owner you have to keep your safety measures too. Some important things to keep in mind to avoid fraud -: Emails with grammatically wrong English should be handled with care. Any email request asking you to deposit money,Asking for Card details or anything related to a bank transfer. Any email request with no phone numbers at all even after couple of conversations.
      You can start advertising with us at as low as only €199.00 for 12 months. Although, we have different packages depending on the kind of exposure you need for your listing. Please refer this link for our Packages details www.europeholidaylettings.com
      YES. You can upgrade anytime later when you want more features and exposure for your listing. You will be charged on Pro rata basis only.
      We have massive discounts on Multiple listings, Your account representative will assist you with more info related to our discount structure.
      We have a Currency Converter on every listing page. Renter from any country can choose his/her own currency and updated rates will automatically be shown in his/her currency.
      There are many attributes related to a final booking. You would have to keep some important points into consideration -: Very competitive rates. Prompt reply to the inquiries. Keep your listing complete. Update the availability calendar regularly.

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